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Title: Folding Paper
Author: taboomonster123
Characters: main!Henry, Donghae, Ryeowook, other various
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Word count: 1,076 words this is longfic for me hurr
Warning: brief reference to suicidal thoughts.
Summary: Henry is lonely and doesn’t speak Korean; Donghae is persistent and likes the new member too much to let him get away with this.

Sometimes, Henry really wondered at his life. How was it that a Taiwanese-Canadian kid who grew up in Toronto and looked like a walking dumpling, for God’s sakes, became the most hated boy in all of Korea? He was certain that, even if he retraced every single one of his steps, he would be unable to find his mishap-- the one that made him the pox on all things sacred.

Henry sighed. He didn’t even speak Korean, not really. How the hell was he supposed to understand what they wanted? How was he supposed to know what went wrong?

The Others-- and there really was no other way to spell that, because they were so different and superior and just everything that Henry wasn’t-- insisted that it was the fans, not him, who were in the wrong. But every time They tried to explain it (through Siwon and Google Translate’s broken english), this mysterious and oppressing phenomenon, They told a different story: the fans are jealous, They say, or ELF are just over-protective, they don’t understand that you aren’t a threat yet. But still, he heard whispers floating across the webspace of how even Hangeng and Kyuhyun didn’t get this much hate when they debuted, of how white-washed he was, of how rude, of how he didn’t even know of the existence of honorifics three years ago, and what were they even going to do with him, anyway? Was he to be a new member, a new magnae? Or was he to be thrown back into the black pit that was SM Entertainment’s trainee program? The thought of either make Henry’s skin crawl, made him sick to his stomach, so much so that he had taken to his room, away from the constant contact of the Others in the dorm.

It was on one such day, when Henry had exiled himself to his bed, even though all of the Others had gone out for Ddokkboggi or Kimchi or roasted cockroaches or whatever it was that Koreans ate, that he considered if it was even worth sticking around.

He took that back almost immediately, but the doubt had already wormed its way into Henry’s mind, murmuring gently into his mind’s ear; you don’t have to feel this pain, there is a way out, it would be just like falling asleep...

Years later, Henry would wonder what would have become of his life if someone hadn’t knocked on his door then. But he did, and Henry never had to do anything but wonder.

“Ne,” he says, because it’s one of the few words he’s learned in the two or three years he’s been in Korea.

The door opens, and Henry is met by the bright stare of Lee Donghae, apparently having returned prematurely from the food excursion.

“Henli!” Donghae chirps, then slips into the room and closes the door while chattering in endless and incomprehensible streams of Korean.

“Um,” Henry said intelligently, not really knowing how to say ‘I don’t understand’ in Korean, but he was going to have to try anyway.

“Uh, mot aradeulyo--”

“Mianhaeyo!” Donghae started to say something else, then seemed to think better of it and held up a small package instead. Henry realized that it was a pack of paper, and then Donghae said “Origami!” and Henry wondered if he was doomed to be stuck with this spacey Other for the next hour.

It’s not that he didn’t like Donghae, Henry actually really did, but he really just wanted to be alone in his misery at the moment and folding paper baubles didn’t quite fit into his idea of “moping”.

Unfortunately, Henry was still not skilled enough in Korean to express this, so he ended up sitting on his bed against the wall next to Donghae holding a mahogany-colored paper square in his hands and wondering how this was going to work.

On his left, Donghae seemed to be wondering the same thing, staring intently at his ocean blue paper, then glancing over at Henry’s. Seeming to come to a conclusion, he snapped his fingers at Henry before carefully folding the paper in half, one corner to another.

Grinning, Donghae held his now-triangular paper up for Henry to see clearly. Then he gestured at the younger, as if to say, Now you try.

Slightly wearily, Henry folded his paper the way Donghae’s was and creased the edges firmly, glancing between the two to compare their differences. Henry’s was a little more lopsided than the other, but the difference was barely perceptible to him, and if it was to Donghae the Other would not dream of commenting on it.

Grabbing Henry’s attention again, Donghae carefully reversed the fold he had made, pressing the crease in the opposite direction. Again, Henry copied his moves.

Fold after fold, crease after crease, Donghae coaxed the younger into constructing his little creation, until Henry found himself with a tiny paper crane lying innocently in his palm.

Blinking, he brought his gaze up to Donghae, who held another (much neater) crane in his fingers. Grinning, Donghae carefully plucked Henry’s crane from his hands before laying both paper creations on the bed beside them. Then, still smiling, he handed Henry a second paper: leafy green, keeping a fluorescent orange sheet for himself.

For a moment, Henry hesitated, not knowing-- what? What didn’t he understand, really, as Donghae started folding and refolding again, going purposely slow so Henry could keep up.

What did he know.


The next morning, Ryeowook found them fast asleep against each other’s shoulders, still sitting partway up among dozens of paper cranes.

A/N: this is what happens when I get frustrated with my non-existent love life: I write friendship! and hurt/comfort!Henhae. Not that I write anything else...

Comments are appreciated. :)


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May. 27th, 2012 11:17 am (UTC)
May. 27th, 2012 11:24 am (UTC)
HEnrY IS SUCH A " walking dumpling"
and henhae is SO CUTE SO CUTE SO CUTE
i want to smother them in paper cranes ;w;
thank you for writing!!!
this one-shot is very precious ;D
May. 27th, 2012 02:43 pm (UTC)
Oh gosh thank you! >w<
I wrote this when I was half asleep (I just woke up haha ;;;;) so I wasn't sure what kind of response it would get.
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